Poor, poor Dan Wheldon. The IndyCar driver died in a miserable, fiery wreck yesterday, leaving behind a wife and two young sons. Awful stuff. And this was before we found out that he spent his last night alive in the company of a Maloof before getting some tattoos.

Las Vegas gossip columnist Norm Clarke reports:

Sacramento Kings owner George Maloof was walking through the Palms casino on Saturday when someone surprised him with a bear hug.
"He was just a fun, fun guy," Maloof said. "A great guy."

A tipster told Vegas Confidential that Wheldon and his wife had their initials — D.W. and S.W. — tattooed on their wrists about 10 p.m. at Huntington Ink at the Palms. A female employee at the tattoo shop declined comment, saying, "Sorry, I can't give out that information."


And if you won't tell a gossip columnist with a signature eye patch, who will you tell? (Related: Las Vegas is weird.)

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