Dana Holgorsen High-Fived Trevone Boykin Because He "Didn't Know What The Hell Else To Do"

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West Virginia got whomped by TCU last night, losing 40-10 while allowing Horned Frogs star quarterback Trevone Boykin to carve them up for 388 yards passing, 84 yards rushing, and four total touchdowns. At one point, Boykin made a play so filthy that West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen couldn’t help but dap him up.

Holgorsen was asked about the moment after the game, and he gave a refreshingly honest answer:

“He made one of the best plays I’d seen in a while. He was right there, so I didn’t know what the hell else to do,” the coach said. “I could’ve started yelling at our guys, but what good is that going to do?”


Can’t really argue with that logic.