Dane Cook Is The Face Of Postseason Baseball

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If you're Major League Baseball, you have a veritable cornucopia of options of whom you should choose to serve as your postseason spokesperson. You could use Tommy Lasorda, like last year, though there's always the dangerous possibility he could ask Joe Buck to show off his swirly move. You could use old standby Scott Stapp. (We're sure he's available!) You could even take a page from the NBA and dial up David Blaine, if he isn't busy tending to his giraffes or something.


But MLB decided to go a different direction.

The July date will mark the earliest launch ever for a postseason MLB campaign. The campaign, entitled "There's Only One October," and featuring actor/comedian Dane Cook will highlight some of baseball's memorable postseason moments, while showcasing today's teams and most promising players in their quest for October greatness. The TV spots will provide a timely narrative of key stories which unfold during the regular season and their impact on shaping the 2007 postseason.

Yep, you're gonna have postseason commercials at the All-Star Game featuring Dane Cook. Cook's Web site right now signs off as "D to the C." Ugh. (Here's the definitive Cook takedown piece.) If there were ever a time for Red Sox fans around here to be embarrassed, this is probably it.

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