Sports News Without Access, Favor, Or Discretion Is Rocking Your Genitals Off

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In one of those stories that are almost too much for our weak dispositions to handle, it appears that has hooked up with its real world equivalent in hipness: Scott Stapp! The former Creed lead "singer" is doing an early sale of his new "album" exclusively on This is like learning that A.C. Green and Kurt Warner are actually really good friends.

It's all quite great. Stapp's album is called "The Great Divide," which we'll leave along for right now. features Stapp playing an acoustical set at " Studios," screaming incoherently while wearing a stocking cap and a T-shirt that says — and we're not shitting you here — "Music Is The Weapon Of The Future."


Just to reiterate for you: Elisha Cuthbert. Flea. Scott Stapp.


And they said baseball fans were all dorks ...

Scott Stapp: "The Great Divide" []

(Big thanks to Gaslamp Ball for pointing this out to us.)

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