Danny Ferry and Magic Johnson had a meeting Tuesday night to talk about Ferry's racist comments, according to tweets sent out by Johnson. The on-leave Ferry called Johnson to set up the meeting and apologize, and it apparently worked as Johnson tweeted that Ferry deserves a second chance in the NBA. Two weeks ago Johnson came out strongly against Ferry's continued presence in the NBA, tweeting that he should step down from his position. The tweets:

Magic Johnson's endorsement might actually make a difference as to whether Ferry has a future in the the league. Johnson has always been an influential NBA figure, but that influence has grown—especially on matters of race—since V. Stiviano taped Donald Sterling yelling at her because she brought Johnson to a Clippers game. That tape, of course, is what set off the chain of events that led to Sterling being forced to sell the Clippers.

Johnson also had advice for Hawks CEO Steve Koonin:

Photo via David Goldman/AP