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We meant to point this out earlier this week, but, well, we were driving home one day, and the cops pulled us over, and we'd had this friend over for Thankgiving ... well, it's a long complicated story. Anyway, it turned out that, thanks to Henry Abbott at True Hoop — who messes up this whole blog world by actually going out and reporting stories occassionally, the jerk — the legend that is Darko Milicic has been official informed of the brilliant minds at Free Darko. Abbott writes thusly about talking to Darko after a Pistons-Nets game:

As I saw Milicic sneaking out of the locker room with his shiny hair, I tapped him on the back and asked him the million-dollar question:

"Darko—have you ever heard of"

He stares at me blankly. Like how cows look at bicyclists.

I give him a second shot, and sweeten the pot: "Hey, have you ever heard of the website called They have a lot of stuff on there about you."

A flicker of enthusiasm in his eyes. Then he shakes his head slowly from side to side. "I haven't heard about it."

"You should check it out."

"I wanna see that. I'll check it out."

Imagine, if you will, being Darko Milicic, a guy who we've always suspected has no idea how he's perceived over here, like, at all. You type in, and there you are, in cartoon form, labeled "today's mood: contemplative." Could you possible understand? Would there be a permanent mental wiring mishap?


For their part, the folks at Free Darko just want to give Darko a T-shirt.

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