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OK, we touched on this earlier, but it's really something that has to be brought up again: That "SportsCenter" feature on former Phillies hero Darren Daulton has shaken us to our very core.

To recap: Daulton claims he is a time-traveler who is in tune with the secret frequencies of the universe. And, somehow, that only taps the surface. NoobSports points us to this recent Franz Lidz article, which we somehow missed. Daulton even explains away his domestic violence incidents.

"I've been thrown in jail five or six times," Daulton says from his home in Tampa. "Nicole thinks I'm crazy. She blames everything on drugs and drinking. But I don't take drugs and I'm not a drunk. Nicole just doesn't understand metaphysics."


(If only Bobby Cox had tried that excuse.) Honestly, we're really not sure what more we can say here. Sometimes, we get a little overwhelmed.

Yo, Homeboy Be Crazy [NoobSports]
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(UPDATE: Well, this would explain why we missed it: We were on vacation when Lidz's story ran. MJD was all over it back in February.)


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