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Darryl Strawberry's Advice For The Lovelorn

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All right, all right, break it up! Stop it! Now can't you two see that you're still in love with each other? You've been searching all over for happiness when all the time it was right here in your own backyard. Now give each other a hug. Come on!

Darryl Strawberry thinks the Yankees' clubhouse is beset by bad chemistry that can be cured only one way: Derek Jeter needs to "embrace" Alex Rodriguez. "They've got to come together," Strawberry said Tuesday. "It's time for them to mend their relationship and get back to, like, OK, let's have some fun. ... Because I remember them when they were young and they went to dinner together and they did everything together."


We hope that these two crazy kids will indeed find a way to get together, hopefully over drinks at a dimly-lit cafe in the Village, followed by a movie (The Holiday?). And the sooner the better, so that Strawberry can move on and save other relationships, such as George Karl and Isiah Thomas. Lil' Ronnie and Reggie Wayne. Adrian McPherson and the Tennessee Titans Raccoon ...

Jeter Must Embrace A-Rod, Strawberry Says [MSNBC]

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