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Daryl Morey Made By Far The Most Transactions In His Fantasy Football League, But Still Came In Eleventh And Lost To His Wife

Via the Twitter of Daryl Morey—God bless him, he has a sense of humor about the whole thing—comes this scorecard from his season of fantasy football. Daryl Morey is the GM of two teams: the Houston Rockets (a basketball franchise) and the Morey Eels (a fantasy football franchise). One of the jobs, he's supposedly very good at, the other one, he pretty much sucks. But he seems to employ approximately the same methods (to somewhat similar ends) in both.

Morey was super active, with 45 moves—the next closest were two people that made 33, and no one else made half as many moves as Morey did—and scored a lot of points, but got unlucky in the differential, apparently playing a lot of hot teams that outscored hm week-to-week.


Meaning that the similarity between his fantasy GM style and real-life GM maneuvers and results were actually pretty striking. Morey is sometimes accused of overthinking the Rockets roster, and this summer turned that roster over completely, retaining only Chandler Parsons and making by far the most moves of any NBA GM. Last year, the Rockets also racked up a positive point differential, but just missed out on the playoffs. (The year before, the outcomes was even less felicitous—the Rockets came in ninth in the Western Conference then, too, but with a +2.2 ppg differential, better than multiple teams that finished ahead of them.)

Basically, we're talking about a guy who makes a lot of moves, builds solid teams that should have good recordings according to point differential, and gets unlucky. This should make it easier to statistically project the rest of his career. In the meantime, somebody hire his wife. She goes with her gut, and that's the type of leadership NBA teams need.

h/t Mitch G.


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