Daulerio at SBXLI: Farewell, Miami

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AJ Daulerio has been in Miami all week as the Deadspin "correspondent." This is his final post of the trip.


This is the last post I'll be filing from South Beach; today I embark upon my own vacation that in no way could compete with this experience. Last night, I watched the Super Bowl inside my crappy little hotel room, which was a nice change of pace, for once. So, there will be no Oddsmaker this week as I give myself time to regroup, reenergize and rethink my wardrobe.

Obviously, this has been a fascinating, exhausting week, but it's been super, Super fun. Thanks to Fearless Leader William F. Leitch for having the faith in me to do this again and come back with something other than salamis and a lost rental car. Thanks to Gawker and the Lockhart Steele and Scott Kidder for supplying emergency funding when necessary. Thanks to you, hilarious commenters, for your inspired work this week on the message boards, my text message and my voicemail. It's kind of comforting to be woken up by strangers at early morning hours hurling insults about the mustache and asking why there are no posts. Nicely done. Thanks also go to Pete, Jamie, Ufford and the, ahem, Tattooed Messiah and Reasonable Doubt for a Reasonable Price for visiting during the week. Thank yous, hmm, who else? Thank you, India? Thank you, terror? Thank you, disillusionment?

After the jump, a special thanks.

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Lt. Winslow completely carried me this week. There is no way any of the hilarity and high points of that particular evening would have been as great as they were had it not been for his camera work and Hurricane fandom and for just being a genuinely nice and decent guy to hang out with: in terms of meeting an internet stranger, well, there was probably no better person to take on these adventures and end up with. Just dumb fucking luck, really. One could not ask for a better attorney.

Anyway, The End.