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Dave Duerson's Funeral Was Held In Chicago Today

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Eight days after his teammate committed suicide, former Chicago Bear Richard Dent was among those who carried Dave Duerson's casket into a South Side Baptist church for a memorial service and funeral today. Hundreds of mourners attended. Duerson's youngest son Brock offered one of several eulogies.

"My dad, Dave Duerson, was a kind and generous man who believed in helping others. Who would ever think that a small-town boy from Muncie, Ind., would become such a success in sports, academics and business? I'm extremely proud to be a Duerson."


Among the teammates in attendance was Otis Wilson, who also spoke.

[H]is voice initially weak and halting, [Wilson] thanked God for his friendship with Duerson. He told Duerson's family in the front pews they could turn for support to the Bears, including those from the 1985 Super Bowl team, who were gathered in the audience.

"Dave might not be here. But you've got a lot of brothers over there," he said, pointing to a group of players.


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