David Ortiz Swears In Spanish During Home Run Derby, Announcers Hilariously Mistranslate

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During his first round of derbying, David Ortiz took a break to wipe himself down and sip some of Rafael Soriano's Gatorade. Then he said "pussy" in Spanish, and Berman and Joe Morgan thought he meant something else. Let's break it down.

0:01: Wiping himself down with a towel, Ortiz says to Soriano, "Coño." He's using it as an interjection, as in, "Damn, it's hot up here, especially for a larger gentleman such as myself."

0:05: Berman interprets the interjection, along with Soriano coming up to the batter's box, as a boxing analogy (wrongly). Things are about to get hilarious if you understand Spanish slang.


0:07: Morgan, as Ortiz is wiping off his face, says, "He probably got coño on him." Joe Morgan basically just said that David Ortiz is wiping pussy off of his face.

0:08-0:11: Everyone in the booth laughs.

0:12: Ortiz says something unclear, but it sounds like he says coño again. Wildly unfounded guess: Ortiz is saying to Soriano: "Leave me now, lesser man. I have bent you to my will and everyone knows it from the way you brought me Gatorade and a towel. Shoo."


Can you decipher Ortiz's last bit of dialogue? If so, throw it in the comments and we'll update.

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