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I know the story of three football players drowning in the Gulf of Mexico seems like a comedic goldmine, but as Detroit radio host Mike Valenti learned, there is such a thing as too soon.


Valenti had to apologize on his WXYT-FM show yesterday, after he read a few tasteless Corey Smith jokes on the air. Smith, of course, is the Detroit Lion who is missing and presumed dead after his fishing boat capsized last weekend. Maybe you heard about that? Now, filling the air waves with wit and wisdom for several hours is a harder job than most people realize, but even a novice should know that you don't have to read every little thing that gets stuck in front of your face.

On Monday afternoon, Valenti read what the station calls "instant feedback" from listeners.

"I really don't even want to read this one," Valenti said.

"Yes, you do because you …" co-host Terry Foster said.

"No, but this one has been handed to … All right, I'm going to read this, but if you're sensitive to inappropriate stuff, I would probably turn the channel."


Yeah, nothing that follows that sentence is usually going to turn out well. Valenti said it was "the dumbest, most reprehensible decision I've made in my radio career" and that includes his 45-minute tear-stained rant about Michigan State's football incompetence. Yep, same guy. (That was 100% justified, btw.)

I'm not even going to repeat the joke here, but that's just because it wasn't funny. If you're going to risk your radio (or commenting) career on a silly one-liner, it better be a real zinger.

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