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Dead Letters: "When You Mention Al Davis Or The Raiders, Make Sure To Wipe Your Mouth, Dick"

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Dead LettersWelcome to Dead Letters, the feature in which we reprint our favorite reader mail. We should take this moment to remind you that all emails to Deadspin and its editors and writers are on the record unless otherwise specified. Now for your letters.

Subject: Why u haten

From: ricmag77
To: Drew Magary

Check this out drew, i know that everyone is entitled to there own opinion and the whole freedom of speech thing, but sometimes you just need to keep that trap closed and go about your own business, atleast thats how i was tought. Who are you? Seriously, who the fu@* are you? Some no name reporter trying to catch a meal ticket by writting some dumbass shit bout one of the most prestigous organizations in all sports, what? Ya i said prestigous mf, you got some balls talking about a deceased person, when you mention Al Davis or the Raiders make sure to wipe your mouth dick, as a matter of fact i dont think your even worthy enough..go to oakland mf and talk all that mess, dont hide beind a computer and talk shit you fucken coward.....RAIDER NATION TILL I DIE MF!!

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Subject: Wow!!!

From: JJ Melo
To: Drew Magary

So can you do a better job running a NFL football team? I am extremely disgusted about what you wrote and are writing about the Oakland Raiders. How can you judge Oakland Raider fans and the organization that you know nothing about except from what you hear from the media. So what do you know about me? Wait, let me answer that for you.... I’m a “parolee” or maybe a “lowlife” or even better I just go to the games so I can tailgate, get wasted and start a fight. Did I answer that correctly? Well? that fits the stereotype, right? well drew...That is nothing like me or the dozens of family members and friends that are Raider fans.

I have been reading GQ for many years and was going to resubscribe, but now I will be boycotting the company that you write/work for. Tomorrow when I start my work shift at the hospital I will be sharing my discuss with my fellow coworkers. Its a shame, because I enjoyed the magazine and I know most of my coworkers will miss reading it as well. I will also spread the word to the Doctors that I assist.

Some advice.... what you write about can make you or break your career . If you keep posting hateful and provoking articles you will definitely be broken.


Subject: Your raider hater article

From: Spencer Goin
To: Drew Magary

There is one correct statement in this article and its that al davis died to soon. He was a genius earlier on and it all went down hill after 2001, the year he traded john gruden. up until that point the large majority of his decisions were good ones. At that point at the end of the 2001 season the raiders had the best winning percentage of any professional sports franchise so was he an idiot??? no he was a genius that got old so although you were correct that he died to late you were off by about ten years. 2nd your a fucking idiot if you think anyone that is a part of raider nation thinks matt leinert is going to become the next jim plunkett or even ever become a starter again in the nfl. The raiders simply brought him in as a back up and to help the rest of the quarterback learn gregg knapps offense. 3rd The position of running back in the nfl is the most injured position throughout the league so yes Darren mcfadden has had a history of injury’s the raiders have ALWAYS been smart enough to employ a quality backup which is why they finished the season 7th in the nfl in rushing yes michael bush is gone this year but even if we dont sign cedric benson as a backup there is plenty of talent still there to get the job done, see marcell reece get a lot more carries this year. 4th you are a fucking idiot or know nothing about the raiders. Their defense isn’t bad because of their personnel it has been bad because of there schemes. Al davis forced defensive coordinators to run the d his way which was bad but chuck bresnahan is even worse so when al died it got worse. With the new schemes the raiders will be running i’m not saying they’ll be great but they will be in the top half of the league defensively at the end of the season. Now the final issue your a fucking dumb ass if you think the raiders fans aren’t the most intense mean intimidating fans in the league if you dont believe me i dare you to walk your stupid ass into the black hole and make the statement about raider nation that you just did. i promise you you’d be put in the hospital for the disrespect you showed at our home we dont need to have the nicest most up to date stadium you i and the rest of the football world know if you come in to our sanctuary and show that kind of disrespect you’ll get fucked up. So in closing dont talk about shit you dont know about and please please please try to come to a raiders game and talk shit like you just did so you can see what the raider nation is all about. Now go fuck yourself

Subject: Ur baby name???

From: Mikey MacDonald
To: Drew Magary

i bet that was u bent over the sink getting plugged... i think ur mad cuz ur parents gave u an awful name like drew... and then ur boss drew all over ur ass and stained those tight orange shorts u slip on with pride every night....i have a niece Jaydan...ur a hater who needs a life or a new name.. i heard they hand them out at the ss office... u should do that when u get time off from dream job of getting felt up by 60 yr old men... polesmoker...

Subject: baby names

From: PLee
To: Drew Magary

I totally named my daughter Lux.

Not Luxxx.

Lux=light in Latin and is a photography term.


I agree that many people name their kids ridiculous names. But I defend the name Lux. I named my son Rye. Are you going to dog that one too? Kiss my baby making ass. Ass.
~Phyllis Cooley
My husband and I wanted her to have a unique and hip name. You have no idea what it was like being a 7 year old “Phyllis” and old ladies sharing your name. Then again, you have a girl’s name. But maybe you don’t realize that because your stance is of one who has old balls.


Subject: Ryker

From: Charlotte Briscoe
To: Drew Magary

So what’s wrong with the name Ryker? Do you have something against Danish people? You failed to elaborate in your article, but at least you spelled it right.... Too bad that’s about where your research into this name ended, though.

Ryker Luxxxxe Bastian

Subject: Michael Vick

From: Bill Boyd
To: Tim Burke

Dear Mr. Burke, I got your e-mail address from an article you did about my hero on NBC Today, Michael Vick. I have followed him since his VA TECH days. I was almost fatally injured in a construction accident 13+ years ago and have been sentenced to life in a wheel chair. I have tried every way I know to contact Mr. Vick.

Mr. Burke, would it be possible for you to forward this to Mr. Vick? Your effort in this matter would be so greatly appreciated.

Very Sincerely,

from the hearts of:
Bill and Cricket Boyd!/BoydMinistry

II Timothy 2:2, “And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.

PS - Your article about my hero, Mr. Vick, was very good!

From: Tim Burke
To: Bill Boyd

I’m sorry, but I don’t know Michael Vick. -tim

From: Bill Boyd
To: Tim Burke

OK, well thanks any way. May I ask you another question? Did you know that you can know 100% for sure you will go to heaven some day. If you would like to know how simply respond to this e-mail. No cost or obligations - just 1 e-mail and you won’t hear from me again. A simple, “Yes” will suffice.


Subject: sick

From: From: mike tate
To: Tom Ley

Tom you are a sick liberal

Subject: New Comment System

From: Drew Merritts
To: Jack Dickey

It sucks.

Subject: Mu’s Lawn Care Community

From: Bobby Burns
To: The Staff

Hello this is Bobby Burns. I Hope this message finds you well and happy. If you know any homeowners or garden/horticulture enthusiast please forward my website to them. If you’re interested in lawn care tips please subscribe. Have a good one.

Side note: This is a one time thing you will not be emailed again. Thank you for your cooperation.


Subject: Really?

From: Chris Preovolos
To: John Koblin

Brad is one of the best photographers in baseball. So what if he wants to fool around with Instagram, and for SI to indulge him?