Deadspin Classic: The O.J. Chase

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In an alternate universe, Deadspin's archives would cover the whole scope of human history. Occasionally, we like to revisit those timeless moments that we would have written about, if only we could have. Today: The 15th anniversary of "The Chase."

June 17, 1994, 1:15 ET

O.J. Simpson Charged With Murder

Holy crap. The LAPD has just announced that they have charged O.J. Simpson with two counts of murder with "special circumstances." O.J. Simpson. The football player. The Juice. Unbelievable.


We have all been wondering for the last week if it could really be true. Could O.J.—the legend, the Hall of Famer, the guy who ran through all those airports—could he really have killed his wife? Could he really have murdered two people in cold blood? The Los Angeles police seem to think so. They have issued an arrest warrant, but have made an agreement with Simpson's lawyers and he will turn himself in later this morning.

I guess we'll know more when he shows up, but the whole thing is still so surreal. Murder. It's almost too crazy to imagine.



Holy. Crap. The Los Angeles District Attorney just came on TV and said that O.J. Simpson is a wanted "fugitive." He was supposed to turn himself in three hours ago and never showed up. That can't be good.


Gee, it's hard to believe that a man possibly facing the death penalty, with the means and resources to go on the run, wouldn't voluntarily show up to go to prison. Maybe the police could have spared an extra car and given him a lift or something?

So now what do we do? I guess if you see O.J., you should give the LAPD a call or something. Other than that, I'm out of ideas.



HOLY SHIT. O.J. Simpson is fleeing from police RIGHT NOW. NBC just interrupted the Rockets-Knicks game to show O.J. being chased down by police on a Los Angeles freeway. The guy is actually making a run for it!


Simpson is in a white Ford Bronco that belongs to his friend Al Cowling, who is behind the wheel. They are trying to go ... somewhere? There's about 10 cop cars and 50 news helicopters following, so I'm not sure where he thinks he's going to go? Reports are saying that he may have a gun and has possibly threatened to kill himself? What the hell is going on here? How did O.J. Simpson's life suddenly turn into a Charlie Sheen movie?

The most amazing part is that this whole thing is happening in slow motion. Everyone on the highway has cleared out, but the cars involved in the chase are going maybe 35 miles an hour. Just a nice leisurely fugitive manhunt. And people are coming out of their homes to cheer him on!


Meanwhile, Bob Costas is trying to explain to NBC viewers why you should continue to care about the NBA Finals. Or anything else at this point. Good luck with that.

UPDATE: 11:00 ET

The chase has ended. Sorta. The Bronco drove back to O.J.'s house, but no one has gotten out and the cops are just sitting there wondering what the hell they're supposed to do next. The world's slowest car chase has now turned into the world's lamest hostage standoff.


UPDATE: 11:25 ET

Check this out. Over on ABC, Peter Jennings just took a live call from a crazy black man who says he sitting across the street from O.J. Simpson's house and can see O.J. in the car and he is "lookin' like he be very nervous." Turns out the guy is just a big Howard Stern fan and he just made one of America's most trusted (and trusting, apparently) newsmen look like an idiot.


Nice save, Al Michaels. Yep. This is officially the craziest day of all of our lives.

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