Deadspin FAQ

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1. What
s a "blog," exactly?

A weblog is a constantly updated web site where posts are listed in reverse chronological order, so the newest stuff is always at the top of the page. Blogs are typically written in a conversational tone with a focus on timeliness. We depend on you to tip us off and keep us honest and accurate. We
re, like, a blog, you know. You know this, right? Like, we
re not blowing your mind here, are we?

2. Why are you doing a blog about sports? Aren
t blogs about Hillary Clinton being a lesbian and Tara Reid drunkenly shoving firecrackers up her nose?

Yes, blogs are about those things, and thank heavens for that. But we believe that the world of sports moves as fast, if not faster, than any other world, save for Mercury, because it
s the one that
s closest to the sun. There
s a whole side of sports that, because of either corporate obligations or just plain laziness, never makes it into the public consciousness. We specialize in that side. Put it this way: despite the NFL
s and ESPN
s best attempts, we haven
t forgotten about Ron Mexico.

3. What makes you any different from ESPN or or any other sports site on the web?

Well, first off, unlike a lot of their columnists, we do not pee sitting down. (Except after drinking.) We also are not writing this site as some part of careerist synergy to support our screaming, unhinged appearances on "Around the Horn," our wacky sitcom with the crazy but lovable neighbors or even our best-seller about imaginary spiritual conversations with our late nana. We are only trying to find and provide sports information on the web in a way that makes you forget, if just for the briefest of seconds, that you have to file that report/duplicate that invoice/fax that cover sheet/fluff that hairless dude.

4. What kind of biases should we expect from you?

We will confess that we are subject to the dreaded and prevalent bias toward The Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals. Our coverage of The Buzzsaw will be entirely unfair and slanted toward them, like everyone else in the media. We also root, quietly, for the St. Louis Cardinals, any University of Illinois sports team and girls who value long walks on the beach. We will try not to let these biases affect our coverage, but we can
t promise anything.


5. Who are you, anyway?

We are run by Will Leitch, an editor at The Black Table and author of two books, Catch and Life as a Loser. We were also once forced, notebook in hand, to look at Robert
s flaccid penis for 11 minutes and decided that day that the life of a beat sports reporter was no life for us. We are assisted by Rick Chandler, a former columnist for MSNBC and a very nice fellow who still insists you get off his porch.


6. Do you take suggestions from readers about athlete spottings, steroid rumors, bad tippers, fights in the stands, red hot cockfighting photos?

Oh, do we. We beg this of you; we
re nothing without you. Anonymity is guaranteed. However, each tipster has the option of being mentioned by name on the blog, if they so choose, or we will just give them a strong, manly hug. Anytime you ever see an athlete anywhere, doing anything, drop us a line. Remember: the hug thing, we
re not bullshitting you there.

7. Who is responsible for this?

Deadspin is published by Gawker Media, the folks also responsible for Gizmodo, Fleshbot, Defamer, Sploid, Jalopnik, Gridskipper, Wonkette, Kotaku, Screenhead, Lifehacker, Oddjack and Gawker. Will Leitch is your crack editor here, and by "crack editor," we mean that his pants go dangerously low when he bends over. Enjoy!