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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Deadspin HOF Nominee: Barbaro

Illustration for article titled Deadspin HOF Nominee: Barbaro

During the halcyon days of early May, a young horse named Barbaro was considered by many a possible Triple Crown winner; a victory in the Kentucky Derby only stoked more excitement, if it’s possible for excitement to be stoked. But then, as documented by The Mighty MJD on the weekend, Barbaro had his Preakness injury and then it was off with the races.


Would Barbaro survive? Countless horses are euthanized every year, but Barbaro captured the popular imagination mainly because ... well, we’re not sure why. As these things tend to do, it brought out the crazies, and suddenly Barbaro was receiving letters from all across the planet.


Despite of, course, the fact that: “Barbaro, you are a horse. You can not read. These will not be read TO you.”

When you add in all the Barbaro slash fiction and the brilliant letters - most of which Deadspin commenter-penned — well, the Barbaro story certainly deserved a nomination.

But is Barbaro in? Remember, 75 percent is the threshold. Vote below: Polls will be open until next Tuesday.


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