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Before Ben Roethlisberger, before Matt Leinart, there was Bears quarterback Kyle Orton. At the time the famous Kyle Orton photos were taken, back in early October, the Bears were in first place and Orton was their starting quarterback. Four days later, Orton was addressing them in a press conference.

The Orton photos were the first so-called "drunk athlete photos" to appear on Deadspin, and they got here in the best way possible: Some guy at a bar in Iowa City, who had just discovered the site, saw Orton all bombed and told his buddy, "we should take some pictures and send them to that new site." (True story, allegedly.) And the next day, here they were. That was a very fun day. Plus, it proved we were all voyeurs, which was something many of us did not know.

Ultimately, Orton proved pretty cool about the whole thing, though that didn't stop him from showing up in even more and more photos.


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