Deadspin HOF Nominee: Nightmare Ant

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How did I know that Nightmare Ant — the creation of the great, great, J.E. Skeets — had gone "viral," as they say? When some jokester tagged my book "Bow Down Before Nightmare Ant." It made me laugh far more than another damned emo bangs comment. The true genius of Skeets' original post was its simplicity; it was simply Nightmare Ant, and nothing else. It was a truly collaborative effort bringing Nightmare Ant to national prominence, and we should all take a considerable bit of pride from that. Supposedly, Nightmare Ant's real name is the Mad Ant, and he's the mascot of Ft. Wayne Mad Antz in the D-League. His season goal? "Cheering the Mad Ants on to victory and making all of you smile." Yeah, about that ... But is he a Hall of Famer? Seventy five percent is the threshold for induction. Vote below: Polls will be open until next Monday afternoon. Vote as if tomorrow does not exist.