Deadspin’s prop bets you can bank on - Inauguration Day

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Place your Joe Biden prop bets!
Place your Joe Biden prop bets!
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We’ve got two and a half weeks till Super Bowl LV. Luckily, you don’t have to wait to place some prop bets.

Before you make your daily fantasy picks for Wednesday night hoops, let’s break down some of the best bets to make on Inauguration day.


Odds via Odds Shark and BetOnline

What will be said first by Joe Biden?

  • America (-120)
  • Nation (-120)

Ooo same odds! I’ll take America (-120). Don’t be surprised if he says “America is a Nation,” first. Would that be considered a bad beat?


Will Biden say “Scranton”?

  • No (-250)
  • Yes(+170)

This is like asking, “will the Jaguars take Trevor Lawrence?” I mean, c’mon. Have you listened to a Biden speech like, ever? He really wants to make sure you know he’s “middle class Joe” from Scranton, Pa. Lock this one in.

When will “America United” be said?

  • 10 minutes or more(-125)
  • 5:00 - 9:59(+125)
  • 0:01 - 4:59(+200)

This is literally the theme of the speech. It has to be said (even if it’s not really true at the moment). Vegas likes Biden to hold the phrase till the end. I like the odds that he’ll say it within the first five minutes.


Will Joe Biden walk to the podium wearing a mask?

  • Yes(-160)
  • No(+120)

Of course. He’s been walking to the podium with a mask on for months. Don’t expect things to change here.


Length of Joe Biden’s speech

  • Over 17:30(-150)
  • Under 17:30(+110)

I know it might be tempting to take the under. But Biden’s DNC speech was around 25 minutes. 17:30 seems a bit short here. Take the over.