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Deadspin SHOTY Tournament: Barbaro Vs. Lamar Thomas

All right, we know this is supposed to just run Tuesdays and Thursdays, but we decided that we were too eager to finally get this first round overwith so we can start the second round tomorrow. (SI's curious pick of Mr. Wade made us decide to speed up the process a bit.) So, this is the final first round matchup, and it's the one many have been waiting for: The return of Barbaro, whose omission from the Deadspin Hall of Fame still rankles many out there. His inclusion here almost forced us into calling this the Sports Mammal Of The Year, but we thought that perhaps a bit too precious.

If you still want to vote for any of the other first-round matchups — and you can find them — today is your last day: All polls end at 10 a.m. ET tomorrow morning, with the second round also commencing tomorrow. So vote while you still can.


Anyway, our combatants today, in the final first-roundup matchup, are No. 3 seed Barbaro, who is everywhere and everything, and former Miami broadcaster Lamar Thomas, the No. 14 seed and decided underdog. (Especially considering that his famous video has been pulled off the Web.) But let's see how she goes.

No. 3 Seed: Barbaro
2006 Highlights
Crashed out at the Preakness.
Inspired some amazing letters (and haiku!).
Banged a woman, fictionally.
Didn't die. In fact, got, uh, a few more letters.

No. 14 Seed: Lamar Thomas
2006 Highlights
Redefined the notion of a "homer" announcer. Was fired.
Hell 2 Da Naw!


So, go vote: Who advances to the Elite Eight?


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