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You Don't Bring Me Apples, Anymore ...

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OK, we'll admit it; we wrote a letter to Barbaro. Dear Babs: Get well soon, you big, crazy ungulate mammal. Sorry you got hurt, and also for breeding you with legs like chopsticks. Our bad. Well, see ya. Yeah, like you haven't written. Sure. Have you seen New Bolton Center, the hospital in Kennett Square, Pa., where the horse is recovering after breaking its leg at the Preakness? It's like the outside of Buckingham Palace the day after Priness Di was killed. Gifts, cards, flowers ... we're not sure what's going on, but it's something. Barbaro is even getting e-mail.

Of course, if you'd like to ask Barbaro himself how he's doing, you can go to this chat page. Although when we went there, he was a little vague. Meanwhile, we have this, from the AP story:

Louis Lazar, a neighbor of trainer Michael Matz, arrived from a few miles down the road on his motorcycle to pay tribute. A cross-country horse rider and fox hunter, Lazar said watching Barbaro break down was especially moving to horse lovers.


So Lazar is a horse lover, but not so much a fox lover, we assume.

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