Tomorrow we'll try a risky experiment just for the sake of risky experiments — yes, a strange different voice, will be infiltrating Deadspin tomorrow.

At times, it can be a manic, brilliantly disgusting voice, but definitely better than many of the ape-fisted hacks that currently make up your mainstream media sports writing community. Your first special guest editor tomorrow is a woman some of you might be familiar with: Moe Tkacik. Yes, one of the original Jezebel-cum-Gawker-cum-unemployed writers is bored enough (and masochistic enough) that she volunteered to spend a Saturday with you maniacs. What does she know about sports? Well she did have an odd obsession with the 2002 Sacramento Kings. Okay!


So she will be on tips tomorrow, but she also requests that you, genius commenters, supply her with any and all updates about what's going on in the sports world. Give her positive reinforcement at all times. Please don't send her pictures of your genitalia or dead animals. That's not nice. Email her here. Plus! The presence of Moe should mean that some of the delightful Jezebel commenting community could pop by. What could possibly go wrong?

I hope this goes as well as the other time a special guest editor posted on Deadspin. Yeesh.


And, so you know, there are more of these coming. Quite a few people — many you know, and love to hate — have expressed interest in participating. I will keep you updated.

Do the best you can.