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Deafblind Boy's Friends Build Mini Pitch And Help Him "Watch" World Cup

Carlos is deafblind, but he was hoping to experience the World Cup and support Brazil. Fortunately for him, his two friends found an incredibly creative way to let him follow the first game of the tournament.


Hélio Fonseca de Araujo posted a thorough video of the process to help Carlos "watch" Brazil-Croatia last week. Hélio and Regiane Pereira fashioned a small pitch with bumpy line markings and two goals for Carlos to feel. During the match, Hélio led Carlos's hands and used signs while Regiane drew out other information on Carlos's back. It's a truly impressive process.

Since the internet's too impatient to watch a long video, here are the notable parts to jump to:

1:30 - The construction of the miniature pitch.

3:30 - The little goals are added.

4:09 - Hélio and Regiane describe the World Cup's opening ceremony.

5:56 - A closeup of some of the signs Regiane draws out on Carlos's back.

6:11 - Brazil's national anthem is played; Hélio performs the lyrics for Carlos.

7:18 - The match starts. Hélio guides Carlos's hands over the pitch to follow the ball, even when it goes out of bounds.

8:03 - Marcelo's own goal. Right after Hélio plays it out, Carlos is baffled. When he realizes what happens, he covers his face in shame.

9:04 - A near miss. Maybe it's just me, but Carlos's reactions are remarkably quick in response to the description of the play.

10:00 - GOOOOOOOOOOL! Regiane even blows a vuvuzela into Carlos's back.

10:41 - Another goal, another celebration.

11:24 - I can't understand sign language, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say Carlos was very happy for the opportunity to experience the World Cup.


H/t to Meredith