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Illustration for article titled DeAngelo Hall Really Really Wanted A Hot Dog

The Redskins cornerback was a little hungry during his last preseason game against the Jets. So much so that he asked a fan to make a food run for him.


Reader Aaron relays his conversation with DeAngelo Hall during Friday's preseason game at the New Meadowlands Stadium.

The private seats behind the bench let you interact with the players. This was in the middle of the third quarter.

Deangelo Hall: "Yo get me a hot dog"
Me: "What do I get for a hot dog"
DH: "Whatchu want?"
Me: "A helmet"
DH: "A hat"
Me: "Deal"

He sweetened the pot by autographing it and having Clinton Portis sign it too. (DH had 1 interception and 1 hot dog with ketchup and kraut)


Sounds like a fair trade, although the last player to chow down during a game caught some shit for it.

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