Deanna Favre Is Also A Fan Of The Custom Jersey

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It's our first celebrity entry in the custom joke jersey derby. In this case, a creative Vikings fan thumbs his nose at Packers GM Ted Thompson on behalf of the whole Favre family. At least it's not about revenge!

We're not sure who the jersey artist is or what his relationship is to Wife of Favre, but it seems like she backs the sentiment. So thank you, Ted Thompson, for forcing her husband into a comfortable retirement in a nice Southern climate so that he could then draw even more intrusive media attention into her life and drag her back north to spend a winter in Minnesota. You're real friend, pal!


* * * * *

By the way, we'll have a new jersey gallery later this week so keep them coming. Your funny shirts are my strength when I am weak.


Enjoy Monday Night Football (if you dare) and/or Rockies-Phils. Thank you for your continued support of whatever it is we do here.