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Deleted Scenes From The Sports Guy Book Tour

Bill Simmons' book tour continues apace (NY Times #1 bestseller!) and we also continue to get dispatches from fans of overweight literature. Enjoy these tales of long lines, blurry photographs, and some guy who likes autographed meat.

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The Holy Cross tattoo is always a good icebreaker

The Hurricane O'Reilly's staff [Boston signing] weren't allowing Simmons available for pictures while he was about to leave but we told the bouncer my girlfriend went to Holy Cross (which she did), and has a Holy Cross tattoo on her back (which she does), and he agreed to take a picture with her after he showed her the tattoo. He's a really nice guy.

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Why could possibly be frightening about a guy who asks you sign his meat?

Casey Stengel once said "I love signing autographs. I'll sign anything except veal cutlets. My ballpoint pen slips on veal cutlets."

Despite being a yankee fan, I gave Simmons the opportunity to one-up the yankee legend, in NYC, during a yankee world series. Simmons obliged and signed(/attempted to), despite being very confused (and seemingly a little frightened). The guy really is fan-friendly.

*Consolation to Stengel: Simmons did have the advantage of using a sharpie

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Glad we could help

Last night I was at the book signing, and before I left I printed out the "Biggest Loser-Jeter" pic from yesterday to bring to the bar.

When I went up to get it signed by him, Jack-O looked over and commented "That was on Deadspin today", Bill proceeded to sign it along with my book. Photo of the signed photo attached.

-Yosef Feldstein


Sports Guy Supports The Troops

Just a quick note about Simmons. My Dad went to the signing today at the Prudential in Boston and waited in line for over an hour. There were over a thousand people there and the line was very strict: book cover folded back with the book open to a certain page and a sticky note on that page with your name. However, when my Dad went up to Simmons and told him that I was in the military and currently deployed to the middle east Simmons took the time to talk to my Dad for a few minutes, shake his hand, and write a full note in the book for me.

I'm Boston born and bred and been reading Simmons since back in 99, so it was great to hear that he is still true to his fans, and appreciative towards the military.

Anyways, with all of the posts about Simmons on deadspin the past few weeks I think that was something that had to be shared.

Nick, SrA, USAF

Do you actually know how long a mile is?

The line wrapped around the block by ESPN zone. [Chicago] I think were about 200 in an hour before the signing starts.

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The signing has started and the line is now over a mile long with more people coming.

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Both bill and his dad spacing away.

These things are always much better when no one shows up

I'm a long time reader, first time emailer. I felt compelled enough to email you guys about how crappy the Simmons book signing was at the ESPN Zone in Chicago. First of all the people at the ESPN Zone acted like they were airport security, i.e. they were huge douchebags. I read in one of his columns or whatever that he would write pretty much whatever you wanted in your book. However, some lady asked people in line what your name was and put it on a post-it in your book so he could sign your name. She asked if you wanted him to put Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday in it. Um, how about neither? The guy in front of me asked someone who worked there if we could take a picture with the Sports Guy and she said we could take a picture OF him signing our book. Oh boy. His dad was there too. I sat by him at the bar for like 5 seconds before he got up. I thought maybe I could wait til after to take a picture with Bill but the line was too long and I left. In short, it sucked.


Wow, this is even more boring that actually waiting in a long line

Chicago Loves Bill Simmons and The Book of Basketball [In Game Now]

You know the other guy didn't actually write any of it, don't you?

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Waited on line at the Simmons book signing [New York] last night. Got online at 6:30pm and the line was already around 13th St. Once we made it around the corner and to the front door of the bar and the Ving Rhames looking bouncer told me "Ya know, if the fire marshal comes by here we're fucked. We're way over capacity." Once inside it was "asshole to elbow" for about 90 minutes until we got our numbers called to head up and meet the Sports Guy himself. At the time I got up there (maybe 9:30ish) he looked like he was starting to tire although he was greeted by a hot blonde that he seemed to know personally (wonder if the sports gal knows about her). For the brief moment that I was up there he was very nice, wrote what I asked and shook my hand. Also had Jack-O sign the book which was cool. Anyway, all in all it was a good night (except for the Yankees losing) but the bar handled the crowd like shit! Will never walk into that place again.


But "The Colbert Report" appearance was his "Achtung, Baby"

Can you please do something about Bill Simmons' rampant expansion?!?!?!

His latest video piece with Kenny Mayne was either his "jump the shark" moment or his "Rattle & Hum." Or, maybe, that's redundant.

Please, help put a stop to his neverending tentacles. Columns and podcasts are enough. And, I'll grant him a good book every once in a while. But he's becoming the media equivalent of banks and on every corner. ENOUGH!

T. Reilly

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