DeMar DeRozan Dunks Physically On Ricky Rubio And Verbally On Kyle Lowry

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Last night, DeMar DeRozan somehow materialized above the rim to turn DeMarre Carroll’s missed layup into Ricky Rubio’s funeral: cowering, hands clamped over head, palpable fear and awe of a more powerful being. As always, it’s nice to watch someone close a sizeable gap and fuck someone’s day up.

After his 27-point performance, reporters asked DeRozan about his backcourt partnership with Kyle Lowry. DeRozan started out polite enough, but when asked “Do you wonder how far away Kyle can pull up from three?” he slyly looked around the locker room, thought about his pal who’s launched 109 shots from over 25 feet this season, and spoke from the heart: “Them shots be lucky.” DeRozan and an offscreen Lowry bicker for a while, to adorable effect.

“To me, it’s a bad shot,” DeRozan jabs. “Every shot you shoot is a bad shot,” Lowry replies, echoing the opinion of every nerd who bemoans DeRozan’s unfashionable, if productive midrange game. (Currently he’s fifth in the league with 28.0 points a game, on 47.6 percent shooting.)

“I thought you don’t dunk anymore,” says one of the reporters at the end of the clip. DeMar spots the opening for one last teammate burn: “I don’t. That was an accident, really was. I just knew [DeMarre], whenever he finish with his left hand, it’s gonna come off.”