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DeMarcus Cousins Thinks Vivek Ranadivé And Vlade Divac Pulled A "Coward Move"

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DeMarcus Cousins has left Sacramento, but he still has choice words for the simmering poop stew he left behind, and especially for the two stirring it: Kings owner Vivek Ranadivé and general manager Vlade Divac. In an entertaining interview with Boogie over at The Undefeated, both come across as incommunicative and conniving. Cousins characterizes the trade that sent him to New Orleans as a betrayal of trust:

When did the Kings tell you that you wouldn’t be traded?

A week before the trade. The sick part about it is that Vlade came in my house with my agent [Jarinn Akana]. We sat in my theater and just talked. That was maybe three weeks ago. We sat there and [he] told me what moves he wanted to make. All of that. I just didn’t understand.

I got a text from the owner right before I went to All-Star. He was asking me about a player, how I felt about him and making a move. The owner! When it happened, I was just in shock. I didn’t understand.


And he does not particularly want to catch up with those guys:

Is there any part of you that wants to talk to Ranadive or Divac?

Nah. For what? It was a coward move, so I’m pretty sure I will get a coward response. For what? And I’ve seen this happen before. I’ve been there through all same types … I was there with [coach] Mike Malone’s [firing]. I’ve seen how they operate. I know what kind of answer I will get anyway. So, what is the point?

Cousins also tells a long story about his basketball career from his AAU days onward, making it clear that he gives his loyalty to those who invest in him early. This explains why he lingered in Sacramento for six-and-a-half years, and didn’t especially want to leave, even though it isn’t a glamorous city and he never had much of a supporting cast.

The best vindication for Boogie would be to tear shit up in his new home. He already sounds content in New Orleans—“I’m so comfortable here because it’s literally like home, Mobile”—and put up a strong individual performance in his first game with the Pelicans, who are 2.5 games out of the playoffs.


Boogie matches up against the Kings on March 31, and I wouldn’t blame you if you started counting down the days.

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