Denny Neagle's Discerning Eye

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Former Colorado Rockies pitcher Denny Neagle — about whom we received many potentially libelous athlete run-in stories back in the day — has pled guilty to solicitation of a prostitute, cutting a potential trial off at the pass.

Actually, it's not "solicitation," exactly; it's "patronizing a prostitute," which we don't think means saying things like, "No, no, I really think the acting career is gonna turn around for you, really, I do." The district attorney said the term "actually fits the crime even better - it refers to the completed act," and, well, there went our breakfast.


The hooker's name is Jill Russell; despite what that picture might lead you to think, she is not believed to be related to "Felicity" star Keri Russell.

Neagle Reaches Plea In Vice Case [Denver Post]