Denver Post Fires Adrian Dater For Repeated Bad Social Media Behavior

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The Denver Post has fired Avalanche writer Adrian Dater, who has written for the Post since 1991, according to his Facebook page. Dater was suspended by the Post two months ago for a Twitter meltdown, and had his inappropriate Twitter direct messages—asking a woman to send him nude photos, and telling her in another exchange that he wouldn't argue with her about hockey because she is a woman—outed in the wake of hockey blogger Steve Lepore's firing.

In his Facebook post, Dater claims that his problems run deeper than vile Twitter behavior, including suffering from substance abuse and manic depression. He has also deleted his Twitter account. The full post is below:


My long association with the Post came to an end today. That's a really bad thing to have to write, but it's reality.

I said a bunch of stupid things on social media once too often, and paid the price.

Social media and I were always going to be a dangerous mix. I'm opinionated and have the occasional real hot temper.

But my problems were deeper than that.

I've had some pretty bad substance abuse problems. Every single time I got myself in trouble with my mouth, substances helped play a role, probably a big one.

I tried to deny it was a big problem but it obviously was and is.

A lifestyle of a lot of late nights away from home in lonely hotel rooms and a stressful lifestyle at times kind of caught up with me. I used too many wrong things as coping mechanisms. I also have dealt with manic depression for years and when the real dark moods come over me I tend to do things to hurt myself more.

I do believe some things said about me recently in accusatory manners is totally false, with people misrepresenting things.

But the bottom line is I caused my own problems and have to own them.

I've been seeking more in-depth help for some of my problems and if I could ask for one thing, it's that you hope for the best that I can.

I know I'm a good person down deep, but greatly flawed.

It was my pleasure writing on the Avalanche for 20 years for a great paper. Nobody can take those memories away.

I love my family and the No. 1 thing I need to do is try and make them proud of me again.

I'm so sorry I let people down. I hope to some day write a happier comeback story for you to read.