Poor Derek Jeter. Even with his professional achievements and world wide popularity, he always seems to be getting dogged by seamhead geeks trying in earnest to convince baseball fans the man is just not that good. The latest swipe comes from the 2008 Fielding Bible Awards, a panel comprised of nine voters, including Bill James, whose main job is to track every ball hit in the previous baseball season and then determine each fielder's out-making ability based on some funky math formula incorporating vector of the ball, how hard it was hit, and moon phases or something. Best shortstop at making outs? The World Champions' Jimmy Rollins. The worst? Jeter, of course. And the Yankee captain was not only ranked 22nd on the shortstop list, one grouchy voter actually called him "the least effective defensive player in the major leagues at any position." Harsh. Jeter did not comment on this story, most likely because he was too busy frolicking around some secluded beach with Friday Night Lights star Minka Kelly. 'Worst' Fielder in Majors [NY Post]