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Illustration for article titled Derrius Guice Says Teams Asked At NFL Combineem/em If He Liked Men, If His Mother Was A Prostitute
Photo: Joe Robbins (Getty)

Former LSU running back Derrius Guice said that one team used last week’s NFL Combine to ask him if he liked men, with another asking if his mother was a prostitute.

Guice talked about his experience on the SiriusXM NFL show Late Hits on Wednesday night. As transcribed by USA Today:

“It was pretty crazy. Some people are really trying to get in your head and test your reaction... I go in one room, and a team will ask me do I like men, just to see my reaction. I go in another room, they’ll try to bring up one of my family members or something and tell me, ‘Hey, I heard your mom sells herself. How do you feel about that?’”


Pro Football Talk has reported that an independent source confirmed a team did ask about Guice’s sexuality.

This is only the latest in a tradition of deeply stupid questioning at the combine.

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