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DeSean Jackson Delivers A Swift Kick To The Eagles' Playoff Hopes

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DeSean Jackson had a fun Saturday. The former Philadelphia Eagle got revenge on the team that cut him as he racked up 126 receiving yards on four catches, including two receptions of over 50 yards. Sure, Washington's been a grotesque circus this season, but for Jackson, it must have felt nice to totally screw up Philadelphia's playoff chances.

Jackson flapped his arms on his way to the locker room after the 27-24 victory, taking a kick at "that bird shit." From CSN Washington:


(He's done it before. It's still funny.)

Meanwhile, the Eagles are swooning. The damn 76ers have had a better December than Chip Kelly's team. Philly lost two home games to the Seahawks and Cowboys, and now this one on the road to the formerly 3-11 Skins. Mark Sanchez wasn't able to turn into a better version of himself after all. LeSean McCoy was only productive for about half a season. Various offensive linemen got hurt. Shit happens.

A glimmer of hope remains, though: The Cowboys need to lose to the Colts tomorrow if Philly wants to avoid elimination. If not, well, start debating quarterback options for next season.

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