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Deshaun Watson Did The Cool Thing Again

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Last week, when Deshaun Watson answered a thoughtful post-game question with a hyper-detailed breakdown of Carolina’s defense, there was some confusion over whether he was showing up the reporter. Now that Watson has given a similarly thorough answer to a question following his dominant performance Sunday, we can definitively place this under the category of things that rule, and enjoy it guilt-free.


Watson was just absurdly good in Houston’s 53–32 win over the Atlanta Falcons, throwing for 426 yards and five touchdowns on 33 passing attempts, with no interceptions. It was a historic performance, albeit against a deeply crappy team: Watson became just the third quarterback in the Super Bowl era to put up a perfect passer rating in a 400-yard, five-touchdown performance; and he joined a list with Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers, and no one else by completing his third career game with five touchdowns and no interceptions.

That kind of performance is the sort of thing that involves a remarkable level of comfort with the opposing defense, and Watson, having demonstrated a willingness to talk in specific details about defensive alignments, was prompted to explain how it all went down on the field Sunday. He did not disappoint:

This excellent answer rewards multiple viewings. I particularly enjoy the “zero rats” description of Atlanta’s red-zone defense, with the only coverage help automatically going to DeAndre Hopkins. It would be madness for any future Watson postgame podium session to not include a prompt to break down opposing pass coverage schemes with this level of detail. Every quarterback should do this, even and perhaps especially Luke Falk.

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