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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Desmond Howard, Mythical Bowl Expert

We don't mean to be smug about this, we really don't: Live television is awfully difficult, with all the flashing lights and camera cues and clock countdowns, and the possibility that a single screwup will end up pointed out and mocked by little twerps like us. It's hard. We appreciate it.


That said: When you are a paid, professional college football analyst, like Desmond Howard, it's important that when someone asks you what bowl game you're most looking forward to, you pick a game with two teams who are actually playing. The sad part about Howard's Holiday Bowl screwup — hey, we'd like that bowl a lot more if it were Cal vs. Texas too! — is not that it happened ... but that no one felt like they could correct him. If we have something stuck in our teeth when we smile, please, let us know.

Desmond Howard: Sports Journalist Of The Year [the 12th Manchild]

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