Dexter Fowler Isn't Sweating The "Stick To Sports" Crowd

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Over the weekend, Cardinals outfielder Dexter Fowler was asked what he thought about Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban. Fowler has a personal stake in the ban, as his wife is from Iran and his sister-in-law recently cancelled a return trip from Qatar because she didn’t want to be detained. Given these circumstances, Fowler’s answer to the question was wholly uncontroversial:

It’s huge. Especially anytime you’re not able to see family, it’s unfortunate.

Fowler didn’t exactly deliver an anti-Trump rallying cry, but he, like other athletes who have recently leaned away from Donald Trump, received plenty of shit from moronic fans. Fowler took the criticism in stride and responded on Twitter:

Fowler was asked about the negative reaction at sprint training today, and he brushed it off. From ESPN:

“I gave nothing away. I’m always going to care for my family, and if a question is asked out of concern, I’m going to answer the question truthfully,” Fowler said. “It’s not to hurt anybody. It’s my perspective. It’s unfortunate that people think of things that way, but I believe they’re sensitive. I’m not the sensitive one.”


This is one instance in which the “I’m not mad, they’re mad” response actually makes sense. Fowler is handling this just fine and anyone who is upset over his comments is a dumbshit.