Dexter Fowler Kindly Helps Noah Syndergaard Get His First Home Run Of The Season

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Mets pitcher, and hand, foot and mouth disease survivor, Noah Syndergaard was up 2-1 in the count against Dakota Hudson in the top of the fourth. On the following pitch, Syndergaard swung and sent the ball deep to center field. Cardinals outfielder Dexter Fowler began tracking the ball back towards the wall, and tried to make a leaping catch once he thought he figured out the ball’s trajectory. But while opening his glove to make the out, he instead created a platform for the ball to bounce off of and land over the wall for the pitcher’s first home run of the season.

It’s got to feel nice to know that the rules of the game allow for dumb, flukey stuff like this to work in the batter’s favor. It feels like a play that would be a bit too fun for a traditionalist’s liking.


That being said, I’m sure Syndergaard would have rather taken some of that flukey luck and used it while on the pitcher’s mound. All his home run did was cut the Cardinals’ lead down to three because he had allowed five runs in the previous innings he pitched. By the time he finished pitching the bottom of the fourth, that lead had grown to 6-2.