Did Ballhound Zack Hample Muscle Out a Kid For a Souvenir?

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Ball-collector Zack Hample doesn't like paying $23 for a Mets ticket. But, he did like getting 21 Rawlings orbs on Friday. [Snagging Baseballs]

Tipster DJ6 doesn't like Hample. But, he does like sharing the fact that Hample clearly blocks out a child for No. 21.

To me it is obvious that the kid was likely who the ball was going to.

You be the judge...

After the game (which the Braves won, 6-4), I got a ball from home plate umpire Bill Hohn as he walked off the field. It was my 21st and final ball of the day. Here's a screen shot from a video that shows the ball sailing toward me.


Good work, Zack!

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