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After yesterday's Lakers/Celtics game, both Yahoo's Marc Spears and ESPN's J.A. Adande Tweeted that when asked for his autograph, KG told a Lakers ball boy "you've got a better chance of catching Bin Laden." The Tweets were promptly deleted. Conspiracy?

Twitter being what it is, the quote rocketed around the Internet immediately, so by the time the two writers' deleted their Tweets, it was everywhere. Even Andrew Bogut responded.


Twitter being what it is is also what led both writers to take down the messages within minutes of being posted. We're told that the sheer number of people retweeting the messages — thousands of them — were overwhelming the writers, making Twitter unusable. The easiest thing to do was to simply delete the Tweet and move on, the news already having been put out there.

So there you go. No misquotes, no warnings from Big Brother Stern. Just the limits of mobile technology.

(Screengrab via Mocksession)

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