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There was a tweet floating around yesterday alleging that LeBron James had recently unfollowed the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Twitter account:


It’s hard to say how reliable the Twitter tracking app pictured above is, and it’s not impossible for someone to accidentally follow/unfollow an account while dicking around on their phone. For those reasons, this seemed like a non-story, until LeBron refused to answer a question about it after last night’s game:

For what it’s worth, the Cavaliers’ account is nowhere to be found among the 153 accounts that LeBron does follow. So does this mean LeBron is officially fed up and is once again getting ready to flee Cleveland this offseason? Maybe!

Or maybe it just means that he gets annoyed on Twitter like the rest of us do. I bet he opened the app yesterday, saw the Cavs’ account hawking bad coffee and tweeting nonsensical meme-like substances for the 50th time, and said to himself, “This account is bad. Why do I follow it?” We’ve all been there, but most of us have enough sense to hit the mute button.


Photo via AP

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