Manu Ginobili has a slight stress fracture in his right leg, first reported by Adrian Wojnarowski, and the Argentine could miss this summer's FIBA World Cup. The injury reportedly occurred "late in San Antonio's championship season," which begs the question: did old-ass Manu Ginobili, with a fractured leg, dunk on Chris Bosh in the Finals?

Spurs Nation narrowed down that "late in San Antonio's championship season" with a source who said Ginobili played with a stress fracture in his leg through at least the Finals. So, yes, old-ass Manu Ginobili, with a fractured leg, dunked on Chris Bosh. Damn, Manu.

Now, go watch that dunk again with this new knowledge.

For the record, Ginobili says his participation in the World Cup will depend on how well his leg feels in the next month or so. He remains optimistic.


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Photo: AP