Did Stephen Jackson Confirm Tony Parker's Infidelity With Brent Barry's Ex-Wife?

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Former NBA players Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes are the latest athletes to join the ridiculously oversaturated world of podcasting—don’t forget to subscribe to ours, by the way—with a show called “All the Smoke.” The focus, as outlined in this interview with CBS Sports, is for the two hosts to have an unfiltered platform to talk shit about whatever, or whoever, they want. As this clip shows, the two are off to an incredible start with that concept.


While it was an interesting revelation to discover that Barnes and Derek Fisher are apparently cool now—especially after the former once drove to Los Angeles to fight the latter—and absolutely hilarious to see Jackson maintain that there’s “beef forever” with the former Laker, the more salient portion of that video is the inclusion of Tony Parker as someone quick to steal another player’s lady (emphasis mine).

Jackson: “You do shit like that once, you’ll do that shit again. It’s just who’s the next victim, motherfucker? Who’s the next victim? Nah, I don’t trust your ass. Don’t bring that motherfucker on my set. Hell nah. It’s good vibes only. Him [Fisher], Tony Parker, don’t bring none of them motherfuckers around. They’ll talk to your girl as soon as you close your eyes or go to the bathroom. Nah, bruh. We don’t want them on this set, sorry.”

For those unaware, Parker’s most infamous case of infidelity happened with the wife of former teammate Brent Barry. Then-Sports Illustrated reporter Bryan Armen Graham was first to tweet out that he had it “on good authority” that Barry’s wife, Erin, was the person the Spurs guard was cheating on Eva Longoria with, and what led to their divorce. A report from the New York Daily News at the time stated that the relationship was strictly sexting, but never physical. That being said, most of the reporting had been done through unnamed sources, and only vague references from those involved.

Given that Jackson is a former Spurs player, and that those who have played in San Antonio tend to have a strong bond with the organization even after they leave, this is probably as close as we’re going to get as far as a flat-out confirmation of what happened is concerned. What’s totally clear, at least, is the fact that Parker will never be on the show to provide any explanation.

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