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Here's a pretty amazing story about one brave spear fisherman who went all Stabby McStabberson to keep a hungry tiger shark from eating his friend.


Craig Clasen was spear fishing in the Gulf of Mexico with friends Cameron Kirkconnell and photographer D.J Struntz when the shark circled them. Fearing the worst, Clasen decided he must kill it or he and his friends would spend the rest of the day being pushed through the 12-foot monster's digestive tract. It was much tougher than anticipated; it took two hours for that fucker to die.

Once I shot it in the gills I felt a moral obligation to finish the job,' says Mr Clasen.

'I didn't want it to go on any longer than it had to. I shot the fish like I would do any other fish and worked it up closer and did my best to kill it as humanely as possible.

'I speared it in the gills which I knew would kill it and from that I tried to put a shaft into its brain as quickly as possible.

'I shot it six times in the head with a spear and I wasn't having much luck - it was a slow drawn out process.

'Sharks are so resilient and so tough from millions of years of evolution they are just survivors.

'The best way and quickest way to finish the job and kill the shark and recover it was to get a rope around its tail, drag it from the back of the boat and attempt to drown it.

'In the end we had put a knife its skull once I got lose enough to it and use a long blade knife even after trying to drown it.'


Be sure to check out all the photostaken by Struntz, who miraculously managed to not poop all over himself while his friend wrestled with a giant shark. Very impressive.

Pictured: The moment a diver grappled with a 12ft shark to save a friend [The Daily Mail]

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