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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Dirk Nowitzki And Poor Fan Combine For Definitive Knicks GIF

The Dallas Mavericks beat the Knicks 110-108 thanks to this silly shot from Dirk Nowitzki at the buzzer.


Look how it hangs in the air, just above the cylinder as time expires. It's like the ball is waiting for the clock to hit zero before allowing itself to finish its downward momentum, thus drawing the maximum amount of pain out of hapless fans. Speaking of which, look at the poor guy in the blue shirt. He is desperately trying to will the shot off and then...dagger.

All of this was made possible by the previous Knicks possession that ended in a forced-J.R. Smith heave and shot clock violation because the Knicks offense is where mosquitoes come from.

Update: God, these poor fans.