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Dirtiest U-12 Soccer Player In The World Discovered In Hong Kong

When an athlete realizes that he's reached the upper limits of his skill, he either accepts it and plays on. Or he learns to play dirty. Like the vicious ginger lad (No. 2) in this video, who was recently spotted in Hong Kong behaving like a human scythe. The boy commits several dirty fouls in the video, but they're love taps compared to what you'll find at 1:36, when he boots a kid on the other team in the face.


The backstory to this savagery can be found on a blog dedicated to Hongkonger happenings. As the blog explains, the thug child plays for the under-12 team for the English Schools Foundation, a consortium of international schools modeled on the British system and set up for expatriates, although students from all backgrounds now attend. The other team is called Kitchee. They'd apparently thrashed ESF in a previous game. The thrashing continued in the next game. Ginger thug grew angry. Now he's succeeded in touching off a minor race-tinged class war in Hong Kong, if that blog is to be believed. Nice one.

(h/t Anthony T)

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