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Division Series Yak-Athon: Your MLB Playoffs Open Thread

All day October baseball! At 12:07, the A's—who took a punch from the Tigers in chilly Detroit last night—have a chance to even the series. At 3:07, the Nationals get their first look at the postseason since the franchise was—holy shit, since 1981? Woah. 6:07, Orioles-Yankees, in what's sure to be a pleasant affair, with fans of both teams staying respectful and magnanimous. Last on the docket is Reds against the Giants: The Reds hopes to get more than one batter out of Bronson Arroyo, the Giants hope not to lose their second straight at home. Work through your anxieties with group discussion, and we'll link back so no one forgets where we're yakking.

Make note, in case you plan on marathon-watching these games—the weather report for the Bronx says "rain early" tonight. Maybe get something to eat around 6 p.m. [CORRECTION: Commenter "rspigler" accurately notes the Yankees-Orioles tilt will take place in Baltimore, not the Bronx. The weather in Baltimore? Rain in the early evening.]


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