From the random and bizarre corner of our sports planet, Gas Lamp Ball has photos of Albert Pujols randomly playing Pop-A-Shot at a Chuck-E-Cheese. (We love Chuck-E-Cheese, by the way.)

We love the idea of superstars like Pujols being so competitive that they absolutely MUST fit in their Pop-A-Shot. A few people have criticized Pujols for not signing autographs while at the Chuck-E-Cheese, but we've never quite understood this. When a guy is at the ballpark, he's a performer, and he should sign autographs for as long as he can. But out in public? Can't a guy eat his soggy pizza and watch animatronic rats in peace? Our official position is to leave sports stars alone when they're eating dinner. Unless, of course, they're with a friend of the muscular, she-male type.

Pujols Hangs Out At Chuck E. Cheese [Gas Lamp Ball]