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Do NOT Mess With This Woman

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We have always assumed that if a woman were to end up breaking through to compete on the highest professional athletic level, it would not be as a kicker, as has often been tried: It would be as a knuckleball pitcher in baseball. It doesn't hinge on strength, endurance or speed; it just requires practice, effort and the ability to do weird things with your fingers. It's possible.

Of course, we hadn't accounted for five-foot-nine, 300-pound-plus female linewomen in Ohio whose older brothers are NFL centers, either.

Enter Holley Mangold, who will be a junior at Archbishop Alter High in Kettering, Ohio. She will be a junior this year and is expected to start on the varsity team.


And that's not all: She's also a weightlifter; she owns the Ohio high school girls squat lifting record at 525 pounds. She has even hosted her own Liftathon, though, as you can tell from the site, details are somewhat sketchy.

We're not going to make a joke here. We don't want any trouble.

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