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Dodgeball Lawsuit Makes Me Fear For The Manliness Of Our Youth

A kid got nailed in the face during a dodgeball game at his school, and now he might sue the city. Maybe he needs to sue evolution for not giving him the reflexes to survive in middle school gym class.

Holy shit, was there any greater moment in your school days than seeing a kid get hit full-on upside the head? Just recalling the sound of that red rubber sphere bouncing off a human skull gives me a semi-chubby. But 12-year-old Shane Reese doesn't find it so nostalgic. Last year he was sitting in the bleachers during gym class due to some recent dental surgery, when a stray ball smashed up his bridgework.


Yup, he wasn't even in the game, and he still got owned. God I love dodgeball.

Soccer balls were flying all over the place," said Shane's lawyer Mark Weinberger. "There was an issue of lack of supervision."

Yup, that's dodgeball.

New York City has offered Reese's parents a $20,000 settlement to make it all go away. But is $20,000 enough to make up for the shame of being the kid who ruined gym class forever? Not to mention the shame of not being very good at dodgeball.


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